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Philips Avent

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump SCF334/31

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More comfort, more milk, in less time*

The Ultra Comfort Double Breast Pump is ideal if you don't have much time. Reduce your expression time & sit comfortably as the soft massage cushion gently stimulates your flow. The pump is quiet & easy to set up, personalise, use & clean.

  • Double electric breast pump with massage cushion
  • Express more milk in less time
  • Includes soft massage cushion
  • Travel bag and 2 bottles

Comfortable pumping position due to unique desig

The breast pump has a unique design, so your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle or container, even when you are sitting up straight. This means you can sit comfortably when pumping: no need for you to lean forward to make sure all your milk ends up in the bottle. Sitting comfortably and being relaxed when pumping, helps your milk to flow more easily.

Choose the setting that is effective & comfortable for you

When switched on, the pump automatically starts in gentle stimulation mode to get your milk flowing. Then choose from 3 pumping settings to make milk flow comfortable for you.

Soft massage cushion with massaging petals

Our massage cushion has a soft velvety texture that gives a warm feel to the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow. The iconic petal cushion is designed to mimic baby suckling, intended to gently help stimulate let down.

More milk in less time with double pumping

Reduce expression time with double pumping compared to single pumping.

Closed system, designed for hygienic expressing

No milk spillage in the tubes.

Few separate parts and intuitive design

Few separate parts and intuitive design. Easily express milk for your baby, anytime.

Includes our Natural bottle and nipple for natural latch on

The wide breast shaped nipple promotes natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Designed to let you express quietly

Designed for discreet expression, anytime.


  • Bottle design: Ergonomic shape; Wide neck
  • Breast pump design: Compact design

Development stages

Stages: 0 - 6 months

Ease of use

Breast pump use: Easy cleaning; Fully compatible range; Intuitive assembly


  • No leaning forward: Sit in a comfortable position
  • Settings: 1 Stimulation mode; 3 Expression settings
  • Soft massage cushion: Gentle stimulation


  • Bottle: BPA free*; Polypropylene
  • Nipple: BPA free*; Silicone
  • Breast pump: BPA free* (food contact parts only)

What is included

  • Breast pump body 2 pcs
  • Base unit incl. tubing 1 pcs
  • Standard size cushion(19.5 mm) 2 pcs (a larger size cushion is available and sold separately)
  • Natural bottle 4oz 2 pcs
  • Sealing disc for milk storage 2 pcs
  • Travel cover 2 pcs
  • Travel bag 1 pcs
  • Breast pad sample packs 1 pack (2pcs)

Country of origin

England: Yes

*83% of breastfeeding mothers agree that Philips Avent Comfort double electric breast pump is comfortable during usage – Independent home placement test among 81 mothers in the USA, August 2012.
*More milk: Independent research has shown that there may be a link between higher comfort levels and increased milk production. See
*BPA Free breast pump: Only associated with the bottle, and other parts that come into contact with breast milk. Following EU regulation, 10/2011

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